Time management skills and their importance

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have enough time to do whatever they want, while others just sprint from task to task and never seem to finish anything?
It’s about how some people are likely to do their tasks more effectively. It depends upon the way in which they can manage their time to complete all the tasks i.e demonstrating good time management skills.
Time management refers to the usage of time competently and productively. It can help you to perform better and improve your career. It will make you more proactive and innovative at your workplace by completing your tasks on time and staying engaged in the meetings.
In this article, we will discuss, what are time management skills and why are they important to become a successful person.

Time managements skills
Managing time effectively will become an utmost importance when it comes to achievement of desired professional goals and to earn a desired position in an organization. There are a number of time management skills that will help you to manage your time efficiently.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” Zig Ziglar

Some important time management skills are:
Goal setting: Fist and the foremost step in becoming a good time manager is to set the goals. By setting goals, you will be able to identify your end goal. It will also help you to prioritize and accomplish your routine tasks. By doing so, you can conquer the desired success in your career.
Planning: Planning is a crucial aspect of time management. It will help you to stick to your schedule by being efficient in planning your day, meetings and how you will accomplish things.
Prioritization: Being a good time manager, you should be able to evaluate each of your responsibilities for priority. There are a number of ways to prioritize the tasks. You can complete small and important tasks first, which are then followed by longer, more involved items.
Organization: Being organized can help you to determine what to complete and when. It will also help you to keep an up-to-date calendar that enables you to easily locate certain documents, having a clean environment and taking detailed, diligent notes.
Communication: Developing excellent communication skills will make your strategies and priorities transparent to the people you work with. It will also allow you to delegate, enabling you to concentrate on accomplishing the most important, particular tasks compatible with your objectives.
Delegation: Being a successful time manager means doing work only to help you and your organization accomplish goals. Although this ability is most commonly exercised by managers, if you are running a project, you need to delegate tasks to other team members. While it can often be hard to say “no” when someone asks you to do something at work, practice having limits to manage your time well.
Stress-management: You should always be mindful of your health when practising good time management. Good handling of stress will help you remain focused and perform better while you are going through your routine. You may do so by engaging in short breaks in the day, or by rewarding yourself in small ways while you complete tasks.

Importance of time management
It is well said that “time is money”. Time is always valuable. It depends upon people how much value they give to their time and how they utilize it. Think about the most successful person in your life and you will see how effectively that person has managed his time to achieve the desired position and success in life. On the other hand, due to poor time management skills, a person may face a lack of sleep which may lead to stress and unhappiness.
Time is precious. Time management is important in all aspects of life. There are many reasons why we should value and respect time.

Some of them are as follows:
• To complete tasks before the deadline: To become an excellent performer at your workplace, you must be able to keep a track of the deadlines and appointments and they are often very easy to miss if you are not careful.
It is essential to keep yourself updated and to finish all the tasks on time. You must ensure that you should begin on time, divide the tasks into manageable chunks and you must be able to complete them within the given time limit.
• To improve your focus and lessen procrastination: It is always easier to focus more on our work when we know the schedule that we have to work on and a specific time is allocated to each task. When you will be able to focus on your work, ultimately you will be competent to deliver quality work without any delay.
• To maintain professional reputation: Effective time management will encourage you to avoid missing deadlines, achieve your milestones and to complete the projects on time. It will help you to maintain a good professional reputation in your workplace.
• To maintain a balance between work and life: When you will have a proper schedule for the day and you will be more likely to create a balance between your professional and personal life. It will also eliminate unwanted stress and you will become happier and healthier.

“The most efficient way to live reasonably is every morning to make a plan of one’s day and every night to examine the results obtained.”-Alexis Carrel

In a nutshell, if you want to spend your life happily, stop wasting your time and start using it wisely. When you will have control over time, you will feel that you have more control over your life. Only good time management can help you to attain this control of life. So, start using your time wisely to fulfil all your dreams.

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